Fall Migration Festival

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  • Be a “Red Tail Hawk Sponsor” with a $1000 donation (includes 8 tickets to the event, logo and business advertising)
  • Be a “Barred Owl Sponsor” with a $500 donation (includes 4 tickets to the event, logo and business advertising)
  • Be an “American Crow Sponsor” with a $250 donation (Includes 2 tickets to the event, logo and business advertising)
  • Be an “American Kestrel Sponsor” with a $100 donation (business mention)
  • Be an “Eastern Screech Owl Sponsor” with a $50 donation (business mention)
  • Vendor Space $75 per table (includes 2 tickets to the event, bring your own table and tent)
  • I want to donate items for the silent auction and/or a basket for the raffle.


Meet Master Falconer Jeff Finch! 

Jeff’s presentation will focus on the broad characteristics of falconers as both hunters AND conservationists. He will share the similarities that falconers have with all others that love and appreciate nature, specifically birds of prey. Additionally, he will bring a North American Goshawk and American Kestrel and offer insights to the characteristics of both along with training strategies/procedures. 

Jeff is a Master Falconer, Former president of the Pennsylvania Falconry and Hawk Trust, has participated in updating the PA falconry regulations with the PA Game Commission, has been a Sponsor/mentor for numerous falconry apprentices and has trained and hunted with a variety of raptor species: Redtail Hawk, Goshawk, American Kestrel, Coopers Hawk, Harris’ Hawk and an Ornate Hawk Eagle. 




Meet Terry Lobdell (who participates in Citizen Science with the PA Game Commission and others) to learn all about the bats of Pennsylvania and how to build and mount successful bat houses on your property. He will also touch base on white nose syndrome and its affect on our bats, the difference between little browns and big browns. (They are as different as white tail deer are to elk!)




A very special THANK YOU to our sponsors for the 2018 Festival! 


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