We are highly dedicated to educating the public on numerous environmental issues and are continuously developing and implementing new and improved education programs. Our education programs are appropriate for all age groups and we are capable of adjusting our programs to suit your needs. Perfect for the classroom setting or organized groups such as church groups and Boy or Girl Scout groups.
Please call with any questions regarding the programs listed and their cost. We can specialize a program to suit your needs and to meet cirriculum standards. For more details about what works best for your group please email us at

Wildbird Rehabilitation Programs

This program is designed to educate the public about wildlife rehabilitation. The goal of the program is to make the audience of which animal needs to be “saved” and which animal should be left alone. The student will appreciate a “day in the life” of the rehabber and realize that there is more to helping wildlife than meets the eye. We will help you determine what age a baby bird is and if in fact it is in need of human intervention, how to use a replacement nest to return babies to their parents, and keeping fledglings safe in your yard until they learn to fly will also be discussed. This program will give the audience other ways to help and support their local rehabbers as well as other animal rescue organizations. Come prepared with questions and be ready to see some of the pictures of those we have loved, lost and released.

Chimney Swifts Programs

Often mistaken for bats, the amazing bird that you see and hear around chimneys is a chimney swift. They are with us from April to September before migrating to South America during our winter. (Migratory birds do not stay all year in one area. Migratory birds are protected by state laws and by the federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918. This law makes it unlawful to kill, own as a pet, sell or harass any migratory bird except as defined by hunting laws.) These remarkable creatures have a strong partnership with the structures that we build. Originally nesting and roosting in large hollow trees they have adapted well to vanishing forests. For hundreds of years, chimney swifts have raised their babies in the chimneys of North America – no more than a few feet from where we raise our own children. These amazingly acrobatic little birds are rarely seen up close by humans, unless one drops into the fireplace! Homeowners and the chimney swifts will benefit from this program dedicated to the safety and conservation of these remarkable birds.

Backyard Birdfeeding Programs

This program is designed to provide information for anyone wanting to attract wild birds to their backyard. We will discuss how planting shrubs and perennials and providing water can help to entice birds to your backyard. We will also have samples of different types of seeds and feeders and which birds are attracted to each. Steps to provide a healthy feeding environment for your backyard birds will also be discussed. In addition we can discuss some basics in beginning birding with many different guides and audiovisual aides to help you identify and recognize the birds that are visiting your feeders.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Programs

Humans produce enormous amounts of trash, but personal choices effect the quantity and type of trash we produce. This program is designed to teach about the importance of recycling our natural resources. It can vary from the recycling process itself to reduction of materials used or bought to composting and its benefits. Another interesting topic is food waste and the energy needed to process all of the food we eat. This program is designed to teach the audience to make appropriate decisions when purchasing products and to search for recycled products. The program is altered for each age group and topic selected.

This program is the most flexible (there is so much to talk about!) and can be modified to help a group (girl scout, boy scout) do a community project or earn a badge.

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