Ways You Can Help

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Cash donations are always welcome!

The official registration and financial information of Wildbird Recovery may be obtained from the Pennsylvania Department of State by calling toll free, within Pennsylvania, 1.800.732.0999. Registration does not imply endorsement.

Wildbird Recovery is a not for profit, volunteer organization, NOT State or Federally funded. Because we are completely dependent on donations to support our efforts, Wildbird Recovery is constantly on the look-out for supplies, equipment, and cash donations that enable us to provide quality care. Monetary Donations are always needed for housing, feeding, and veterinary care.

Once baby season has begun, funding is more and more critical. On average it will cost us $45 per songbird to feed, medicate (if needed) and care for until it is ready to be released.

Here are a list of some other items that are always needed (the items marked with an * are specific brands/sizes that work best for us):

Gift Certificates


Home Depot



Staples/Office Max

Cleaning Supplies

We have chosen these particular supplies because of each company’s commitment to environmentally friendly practices as well as no testing on animals. It is a small request to make a huge difference.

* Seventh Generation Paper towels

* Method  laundry detergent

*Seventh Generation Disenfecting wipes


* White Millet

* fresh and frozen berries ( Wymans Wild Blueberries (Walmart)

* Frozen corn

* sunflower hearts

* earthworms

* waxworms

* crickets

* mealworms (In the summer we go thru tens of thousands per month!)

* mixed wild bird seed

Office Supplies

* printer paper

* envelopes

* stamps

Medical/Veterinary Supplies

* sterile gauze pads 4×4

* paper tape 1” wide

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