About WBR

Wildbird Recovery is a non-profit organization dedicated to the rehabilitation and release of distressed wild birds.  We promote responsible attitudes toward the preservation of native species, habitat, and the environment.  We are State and Federally licensed with over 15 years training and experience in the care and treatment of injured and orphaned wild birds. Owned and operated by Beth McMaster, Wildbird Recovery is located in Western Pennsylvania on 14 acres of beautiful farmland.  Beth has dedicated her life to helping wild birds and educating the public on how to conserve the natural resources native to Pennsylvania.

Did you know? Pennsylvania Game Commission and U.S. Fish and Wildlife laws make it illegal for an unlicensed individual to possess a wild animal, eggs, nests, or any parts of those animals. Rehabilitation centers are a vital link between wild animals and their habitat and the public. Veterinarians are permitted only to provide supportive care to injured wild animals. Licensed rehabilitators give care and release animals back to the wild. It is illegal for an unlicensed individual to possess wildlife.

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